Andrew Reece’s Online Portfolio

Here’s a collection of things I’ve done that might be of interest. You may also be interested in seeing my CV, which contains my contact details.


University Coursework

Third Year (First)

Second Year (First)

First Year (First)


With the help of YouTube, friends and books, I have taught myself to program in a number of languages. Here are a few example projects:


I’ve taken over 10,000 photos of gymnasts performing, mostly from the Loughborough club. Below are a few of my favourites. See the Ember Creations photos on Facebook for more.

Gymnastics beam mount Gymnastics Healy

Gymnastics pommel flare Gymnastics synchronised straight back


I make belts, bags, knife sheaths, notebooks and wrist pads (among other things) in the leatherworking I set up:

Leather bag

Leather belt Leather notebooks

Leather knife sheaths Leather wrist pads


Knife forged from ore Wall hooks and hammer

Graphic Design


Font introduction animation - "My Font Blocky" Letters/glyphs of Blocky font


The logo for my leatherworking company, Ember Creations: Ember Creations Logo

The logo I made for a charity at sixth form: Invisible Children Logo



Hand-drawn animation of a kong vault

Children’s book (GCSE)

Page from a children's book made for GCSE

Life Drawing

Life drawing 1 Life drawing 2

Life drawing 3 Life drawing 4


I made a number of videos for the Loughborough Gymnastics club while acting as their Media Sec:


I made a semi-functional batsuit for halloween with a composite (resin/diolen) breastplate and cowl, steel batarangs, fire-resistant cape and leather gauntlets.

Batman costume Batman costume creation

I was once commissioned to make a corset:

Corset front Corset back